Oil Trade -More Longs!

Alright, the market will never do exactly what you expect, but the WTI Oil futures market has touched a decent level and fallen off from the 57.50’s and appears to fail here, so we enter the remaining 25% shorts at this price, 57.15, as of 1:30 pm EST, December 8, 2017. I was looking for a decent place to enter more shorts, and this seems like as good a price as any.

This is inline with our short expectations. The stop loss being at 58.00, for both 56.00 (75% short), and 57.15 (a further 25% here)

Long Dow – December 6

I think, I have waited quite a bit to get in on the action on the Dow Jones Index.

This should be a safe trade netting us a few dollars.

Long Dow with 25% of your money at 24182.00

It's still stupid to short the Dow, although not a stellar trade, piggybacking on the trend, should still net us some money.

Courtesy: finviz.com